Latvian-born and London-based, Lynski is a self-taught makeup artist known for her unique take on beauty. Balancing raw and precise placements of colour and texture, Lynski’s approach takes inspiration from motion - the fluidity of dance and cinematic colour schemes are visible throughout much of her work.

Working with clients such as Selfridges, Paper Magazine, Vogue Spain, Beauty Papers, Brooke Candy, Sleek Magazine, Document Journal and Numero, Lynski is also experienced at creating innovative content across multiple platforms and mediums; particularly on Instagram, where she has a strong, engaged following. Alongside her witty and innovative makeup tutorials and product reviews, Lynski has also designed instagram filters and experimented with augmented reality.

In 2019 Lynski’s name was added to the ‘Dazed 100’, a list of the hundred most influential people shaping youth culture today. Most recently she has collaborated with Gucci Beauty for the launch of their new range of metallic lipstick shades.