Joy Matashi

Joy Matashi is a multidisciplinary hair artist who works at the intersection of architecture, craft, and hair.Hair has always been an expression of care for Joy and a canvas to play and experiment with, as she started styling her for her friends and family at a young age.Through her styling and collages, she merges her knowledge and skills acquired whilst studying for a master's in architecture to craft woven hairstyles. She also cites JD Okhai Ojekere, Deconstructivism, the renaissance of black films and tv in the 90s, and 90s and 00s music videos as a few sources of her inspiration. With exhibitions such as the premier art fair, Art x Lagos in Nigeria, and exciting artistic collaborations under her belt, Joy’s unique hair architect approach saw her working with Stella McCartney, COS, Converse, Bianca Sanders, Dazed, Vogue, Self Service and Wall Street Journal.